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❀ you are beautiful and you deserve everything good in life. i hope you know that ❀

Words of emotion
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“She was dazzling— alight; it was agony to comprehend her beauty in a glance.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Beautiful And Damned
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  • stranger: you look good with long hair. i can't imagine you with short hair.
  • me: my dad wants to cut my hair. he doesn't want me to be happy.
  • my dad: oh i want you to be happy. happy with short hair.
  • me (thinking): okay dad

everything personal♡
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Some guy just whistled at me while driving by and my dad goes “don’t worry, that was for me”

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Swimming off our Bungalow (by jnhPhoto)
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ॐ cyberspace princess ॐ
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Because hangovers hurt less than heartache.

Six Word Story by P.P.
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